July 30, 2021

A new month is at hand. I achieved a major personal milestone — although I still have about a month or so of administrative backends to address — and this major achievement won’t hit me until I get the actual degree within the next number of weeks:

Note: It has been a while since I released some of my thoughts here in my Medium Corner — a pleasure to share as I finished this earlier for my “Virtual Corner”.

Today is the final Monday of 2020 and interestingly enough-the Final Monday of the Decade!!

It has been quite a decade of heartache also one of hope and resilience. It is also one of the most beautiful days in Laguna Niguel as rain has arrived and I caught a rainbow while in town today and released this earlier today in support of one of community projects for Donate A Photo:

I had been working away on projects and commitments at the Daily Outsider over the ensuing days. I decided to dedicate this special #RandomThoughts to an Iranian Icon: Mohammad Reza Shajarian who passed away — a legend in every which way.

Ostaad Shajarian was one of Iran’s Modern Icons and was laid to rest in his birthplace of Mashhad in line with his wishes to be laid to rest next to the great Ferdowsi. He was beloved by all. In the aftermath of the 2009 Green Movement, he stepped up to be with the people and was banned by a…

It has been a very challenging few weeks on all fronts. Yesterday I had the pleasure to release the image of the courageous Alexy Navalny, the leading Russian Opposition Figure, who was poisoned and was allowed to go to Germany for treatment and is now talking. But, I was stunned as I saw how the Iranian Regime murdered (and yes I am prepared to say murdered) the Champion Wrestler Navid Afkari Saturday. I had joined the Twitter Campaign to help save his life but to no avail. …

It has been quite a challenging month being witness to a surge in COVID-19 and the on-going challenges in our World.

I tried to maintain a semblance of order as I was also very very saddened by what has been going on in Iran. Nasrin Soutodeh, The Lawyer and Civil Rights Campaigner, went on a hunger strike. Earlier, I saw reporting courtesy Ms. Soutodeh’s Husband, Reza Khandan, that their house was raided by security agents and their 20-year old daughter was taken into custody and was released on a heavy bond — according to Mr. Khandan (who himself I believe is on a suspended sentence), not even one woman security agent was in the raiding party. It was clearly designed and ordered at the highest security levels to intimate Ms. Soutodeh to break her hunger strike — this is as she’s also ill as Covid rages on. Here is a picture of Ms. Soutodeh and her daughter when I picked up the reporting early this morning after I initially released my Notations in my Daily Outsider Founders’ Corner:

What I also found so pathetic was how a Government proposal was floated to sell Oil to ordinary Iranians to help fund government expenses and then they can “sell it back”. What was so pathetic was that it was proposed by the head of Mahan Air — for all who don’t know who Mahan Air is, this is an airline owned and supported by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp that was the primary culprit to bring COVID-19 to Iran during the first phase — while Government officials denied the arrival of the virus and even went as far as say that religious sites had to be open. What was also so infuriating was how Iran was on the prowl tried to “help” Lebanon with Drugs/Supplies (Some 15 Tons according to the President’s Chief of Staff) and yet they complained about the lack of drugs. When I saw reports about 57 Villages in the Province of Sistan and Baluchestan had no running water — I wondered what the priorities of the regime were.

It was also quite a month as Israel and the UAE took steps to establish diplomatic relations. UAE sent forth a probe to Mars. I helped release a Notation for the Daily Outsider as our development work & analysis continues — Daily Outsider will continue its’ work curated its’ Twitter Corner as the live pod will also be available as we scale back on our weekly analysis gearing up for the balance of the year. It is also Democratic Convention Week — the first convention where it is going to be held virtual — and I can’t help but wonder if the “show” will go on in a Post-Covid World. I am hoping to make the rounds of some of the policy roundtables to understand it all.

What I found gratifying was the rays of hope in the midst of the challenging times. I had the pleasure to join Two Boy Scout Eagle Board of Reviews and had the pleasure to be supportive of the St. Timothy’s Catholic Parish Pantry Operations as it served an average of 100 families a week. As I got to listen to the Eagle Scout Candidates and their projects, it elevated my sense of hope on how the future can be bright ever more.

This was also a month to celebrate Heroes and reflect upon their sacrifice:

It has been quite a Week — I decided to be a bit upbeat in spite of all the challenging times we’ve been witness to. As I am writing this, I have been working on some #RandomThoughts on Iran which I hope to release soon — as the work are also continuing @ The Daily Outsider. I joined the movement to stop the current wave of executions #StopExecutionsInIran as I saw that over 5 Million People participated. What is horrific and sickening for me is that in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, horrific penalties that are ostensibly Islamic are now illegal…

Mike Pouraryan

Teacher, Writer/Blogger, Consultant, Community Activist, Dad

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