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Mike Pouraryan
8 min readAug 2, 2021

July 30, 2021

A new month is at hand. I achieved a major personal milestone — although I still have about a month or so of administrative backends to address — and this major achievement won’t hit me until I get the actual degree within the next number of weeks:

It was also a week that saw mask mandates return as the Delta Variant began to wreak havoc yet again due to the pandemic of the unvaccinated — one of the key must-reads is this by Marc Cooper which I have the pleasure to support:

Our two pandemics — COVID 19 and the massive Trumplican mis/disinformation campaign — have now merged into one deadly plague that is ripping through the land.

Some 90 million eligible Americans are still avoiding vaccination a full six months after the jabs have become available, leading to a quintupling of infections over the last three weeks, a resurgent death toll and new rounds of mask impositions, partial shutdowns and a clamor for mandates to be instituted.

Look at one of the myriad infection cluster maps now and find that ALL of the concentrated outbreaks, some of horrific proportions (see Missouri), track absolutely perfectly with areas that voted in 2020 for Donald Trump.

More than 80% of Democratic adults are vaccinated. Only about 50% of Republicans. And that’s an average.

In some southern states, the epicenter of Trump Country, vaccination rates run as low as 30% or less and that’s where the hospitals are once again overflowing with those being mowed down by Delta. Joe Biden has called this mounting fourth wave “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

More precisely, this is a wholly man-made, wholly manufactured, wholly preventable deadly wave that owes directly to the refusal to vaccinate, aided and abetted by nearly 18 months of propaganda downplaying the virus, undermining the vaccine, mocking public health measures, equating masks with Nazi yellow stars, calling for the jailing of Dr. Fauci, pushing hare-brained theories that the vax carries microchips or magnets and that this whole pandemic was somehow staged or capitalized



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