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Mike Pouraryan
8 min readDec 29, 2020

Today is the final Monday of 2020 and interestingly enough-the Final Monday of the Decade!!

It has been quite a decade of heartache also one of hope and resilience. It is also one of the most beautiful days in Laguna Niguel as rain has arrived and I caught a rainbow while in town today and released this earlier today in support of one of community projects for Donate A Photo:

The decade, though, began with a divorce. When divorce occurs, one has to start again as one has to deal with all the ramifications. I’ll leave that story for another time — except to say that the need to power on and focus what was important was so crucial. The most important thing was to embrace the gift of life especially as I lost two of my Aunts during the course of the decade.

This was a decade that I began the journey that has evolved into the Daily Outsider which has grown into four properties with the development of the YouTube Channel along with a collection that has grown into a little over 24,000 images and the launch of my Twenty20 Portfolio.

The last two years has been quite a journey although COVID has thrown a monkey wrench — although I remain very very optimistic in spite of the challenging times we’ve been witness to. It was also a decade that saw me launch my quest for my Doctorate — which has presented it profound share of challenges. It was so irritating to see debate over the Doctorate of Dr. Jill Biden. I have the scars to prove it — I look forward to writing about it after I finish it.

2020, though, was especially quite a year as I was on the road and blown away by the beauty of majesty of my home state, California. As a Google One Member, I have the ability to track such a memory and decided to showcase it for the Month of November:

Your November visits : 12 ; Cities 39; Places: 5 New/21 new



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